MIHREC 2014 Malaysia

2-4 December 2014

Innovation for a Sustainable Halal Industry

Halal Products Research Institute



Research and education in halal sector is one of the main agenda in Malaysian government policy and also for the OIC countries, at large. However, research, education and trade interests are not restricted to these countries only since globalization is a phenomenon of this twenty-first century. Increasing number of seminars, workshops and conferences addressing halal related issues whether directly or indirectly cannot be denied by the mere number posted electronically. Majority of these events have their focus on trade related issues and very much less on issues of R&D progress and education in halal. Halal Products Research Institute (IPPH), being the pioneer institution in Malaysia to take the lead in integrating science and shariah in her research and post-graduate program has decided to take up this challenge. Hence, with the coming conference, MIHREC 2014 with its theme: Innovation for a Sustainable Halal Industry, is the first of its kind. We hope to initiate this interest globally. The conference would like to provide the broadest avenue for those in the fields of agriculture, food processing and preservation, biotechnology, information technology, engineering, economics and management, medical and allied sciences and other social sciences that contribute to halal R&D and education to share their expertise and use this conference as a platform for future networking. Issues on policies and regulations are also expected to be examined as these would educate all of us as the consumers. We hope the outcome of this conference could be used to trigger future series of similar conference, and perhaps dedicated to particular current agenda or needs.



Purpose     Objectives  

The aim of this conference is to provide a scientific platform for further discussion among scientists, experts, and publics who together contribute ideas, suggestions and experiences for improvement of all halal aspects. By organizing this kind of discussion, the ability to understand halal issue could be improved amongst the participants.


  1. To Provide a platform to share the knowledge and opinion related to new to new findings in halal research and education
  2. To establish networking and collaboration between educational institutions and industries in halal research and education.
  3. To share the information with professional bodies, government agencies, enforcement divisions and halal industries

  Important Dates  
  Abstract Submission Deadline & Full extended abstract : 30 June 2014 >>> Extended to 15 August 2014>>>Extended to 31 October 2014
  Notification of Acceptance : 31 July 2014 >>> 15 September2014 >>>>>> 7 November 2014
  Early bird : until 30 September 2014
  Late registration : 1 October 2014

Conference Date

: 2-4 December 2014

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